About Us

About Us:

Our goal is to manage projects consistently and effectively to ensure the needs of the project are weighed appropriately against current environmental constraints as well as to facilitate engineering requirements to provide our clients with alternatives that represent the most cost-effective solutions. CRF staff has the personnel, facilities, and equipment necessary to complete a variety of tasks in an efficient and timely manner including: project inventory, site mapping, excavation, NAGPRA assistance, historical research, identification and management of cultural resources as dictated by federal and state laws, determining eligibility of sites to the California Register of Historic Resources, the National Register of Historic Places, and as Traditional Cultural Properties, Ethnographic Consulting, and construction monitoring.

CRF has provided services for most of the tribal, federal, state, and local governments in Northern California and has completed numerous projects treating archaeological and historic resources in the Northern California region. The CRF team has also coordinated and managed a wide variety of projects throughout California, the Pacific Northwest, and the Great Basin.


CRF in conjunction with the Department of Anthropology has administrative and research offices, and the Archaeology Research Laboratory space for processing cultural materials: cleaning, sorting, cataloging, and photographing collections. CRF computers have recently been upgraded with the newest version of Microsoft Office, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, GIS/GPS, and data analysis software.