HSU students have the opportunity to participate in local field archaeology projects and participate in laboratory analysis. Students are trained in survey and excavation methodology, artifact analysis, data entry, and report writing.

  • CRF is committed to providing training for students beginning their careers in archaeology.
  • CRF has opportunities for HSU students to learn real-world skills in the contract archaeology realm.
  • Hands-on experience for students with archaeological projects and artifact analysis
  • Participation in archaeology meetings and presenting research papers (i.e. State of Jefferson and The Society for California Archaeology)
Excavations by Field School Students
Bill and Aaron Conducting Field Work
Female Student Excavating

Student training in archaeology field methodology:

  • Training in GPS mapping
  • Training in excavation methodology
  • Training in artifact analysis
  • Training in professional report writing
  • Training in GIS

For students that are working on HSU class projects

  • Access to various specialists (i.e. Historians, Archaeologists, GIS Specialists, botanists, among others)
  • Access to local field technical reports and publications
  • Access to unpublished maps and historical resources
  • Job placement for students within the Cultural Resource Facility or other firms.
  • Liaison with other agencies to place students in internship (BLM)
  • Access to software and equipment in the facility

CRF staff has graciously assisted the anthropology faculty in various capacities:

  • Mapping Exercises (tape and compass and GPS)
  • Lecturing on local research carried out by CRF Staff
  • Flint-Knapping Workshops